notsostraightforward asked: Everyone has made mistakes, It's just sad when people who "love" us, feel the need to use them against us But in the end, no matter what you've done, all that really matters, is how we deal with it, And you deal with it perfectly, you're aware it were mistakes, you feel sorry about them, and you own up to them, what more can people do, to expect and get forgiveness, cause in the end, all that really matters is who you are now, what you do now, and what you'll do in the future Love

that was so amazingly sweet, thank you so much darling boy!!!

Anonymous asked: I don't think any of us care what this stalker has to say we followed you because we like you !! Nothing he says will change how I feel about you You go Elijah four for you !! :)

you’re so lovely!!!

j-hamesmyname asked: well said. im proud.. even though I barely know you ^_^


waynehogan asked: Don't worry about Bruce . We all have things in our passed and I am sure he dose to. I am not going to stop following you because someone is pissed.love great blog keep it up ELijah

thanks so much darling…mwahhhhhh

jerome-jt asked: So I don't know if it was your blog I read that you might go into genetics or something but either way id like an opinion. Genetics really interest me for a variety of reasons like it's complexity etc but also because I really want to get to the bottom of the gay thing. Like are you born with it or not? Trust me I know it's a HUGE question with a variety of answers but what is your opinion? New evidence has me convinced that it had to do with the epigenes. Ughh it's just so frustrating.

My pre-med major will be genetics because it is SO amazingly interesting to me.  I think what you are talking about is extremely fascinating, of course and would love to be a part of that!  I ultimately want to be a pediatric neurosurgeon, because of the aneurysm, which was a genetic flaw, I had when I was young.  Those kill so many children yearly and if it is a genetic issue, with the proper time, money and research could be eradicated!  So basically I want to make my career a combination of both genetic research as well as surgery as I believe going forward we will need both for the foreseeable future.  However, one day, I think we will look back on doing actual surgeries as barbaric and archaic…but that will be a few years down the line :D


Anonymous asked: what about sperm smelling like bleach? that's normal, right?

I mean I have heard that, but again my cum just doesn’t have any type of strong smell or anything like that.  It is ALL about your diet, you are what you eat, and the smell AND taste of your cum is affected accordingly.  I mean if a long, healthy, disease-free, energetic, active, happy life isn’t enough to convince you to eat right and get off of the SHIT that has flooded our food supply, then OMFG how about having good smelling and tasting cum!  CUM on, sorry :)), I mean for fuck sake, that is like right up there, to me, with having a clean, hair-free ass.  Once again, having disgusting cum would SO turn me off and not allow me to enjoy sex with someone as much and therefore I wouldn’t be totally open, free, KINKY and NAUGHTYYYYYY!  

Anonymous asked: though, by publishing his personal information you'd do exactly the same as him which wouldn't be very wise nor ethical. If it continues, you should rather contact authorities on the issue.

I’m most certainly not the same as him.  I’m NOT obsessed, I’m not “spending every waking hour dedicated to destroying you”, I’m NOT threatening his life, I am NOTHING like him.  Ethics went out the window when he started contacting my boyfriend and my followers, this is survival of the fittest and that is MOST CERTAINLY me!!  This has gone on for months and finally I got fucking tired of it, so I decided to fight back and get myself some ammunition to do so.  I was SO CLOSE just to deleting my blog, because of him tumblr was just starting to make me upset, the complete OPPOSITE of why I do it.  But his last email to me he concluded with, “if you want a war I’ll give you one” I NEVER wanted a fucking war, I NEVER wanted any of this to begin with, but he just kept on and on, and yeah I NOW considered this a war and I WILL NOT back down NOR be beaten by a coward and a BULLY.  Trust me, from talking to this guy, I am WAY smarter, can think WAY faster on my feet, and I WILL NOT let someone ruin something that is good just because he is miserable and has dedicated his life to making others miserable as well, all so he has company, as the saying goes.  The authorities won’t do shit about this, like he would have to literally come to my house for them to even begin to look at it, and so I had to take matters into my own hands.  I do NOT want to release any of this, I just hope he sees that I have it and goes the fuck away, that is ALL I have asked him to do since the beginning, BUT with the obsession and all, yeah that just didn’t work obviously.  So please don’t compare me to him, I am using this in self-defense, and you better believe I will do ANY-FUCKING-THING NECESSARY in order to protect myself and my loved ones (brother and Aidan).  When it comes down to it, fuck everyone else.  


frodosbois2 asked: Love your new look, Elijah. Love you so much more, love.

awwwww thanks for noticing darling.  I’ve been spending a ton of time learning more advance HTML coding and will have more to come with it.  I had just grown tired of the old look and it was time to freshen up.  Anyway, nothing special, just I think a lot nicer and the colors are SO much better. I can thank Aidan for that, he’s my official blog/interior designer!  I’m not very creative, I need help with design, once I have a layout to work with I’m pretty good at coming up with ideas and such but that initials just no.  And with clothes I’m great a colors cause they are tangible and I can see them, but picking colors out of thin air, again NOT good.  But thanks I appreciate you noticing and saying something…i love you toooooo <3

***by the way all you lovely followers should go check out his blog, it is one of my top 5!!***

tomthumb21a asked: Hey Lija, What gives with Tumblr ? Your blog targeted... Mine nuked... Others missing in action.. Makes you wonder if they actually want people to use the platform. Any how back again. Best wishes. Tom :)

idk really…I mean I am with them in their effort to stop any type of kiddie porn, for sure, and I applaud that.  Sometimes I don’t understand exactly their reasoning, however, they were really very open to dialogue with me and I truly appreciated that.  Of course, I didn’t send them a fuck you email, what the fuck, type thing, I was nice and respectful and just asked that they further review it.  I queue off of people’s archives and there is no way you can tell if it is a photoset or not, and the first pic of the set was fine, but apparently the rest of it wasn’t, but I could not have known that.  I explained this and they were understanding.  Anyway, just really watch your content is all!